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Music at University 2015

The relationship between Orquestra do Norte, its collegial audience and their Schools dates back to this orchestra’s very creation and has materialized in multiple series of concerts and opera over time, allowing for a progressive adjustment of its programming to conform to the motivations for music and culture of its large student body, faculty and support staff.
The present program aims to appropriate Schools and Academic Institutions’ synergies and traditions, involving them in the concert and musical drama season’s production, executed by consummated professionals with the goal of contributing towards the complete and universal education of its formative audience.

Music at University 2015

26th March
Porto, “Sé Catedral”
Verdi - Requiem
Capella Maiorquina
Ensemble Vocal Pro Musica
Cristiana Oliveira, Soprano
Ana Ferro, Contralto
San-Jung Lee, Tenor
Luis Rodrigues, Bass
José Ferreira Lobo, Direction 

4th May
Porto, “Coliseu”
Concert Promenade “Queima das Fitas 2015”
Peer Gynt and other stories

14th May
Porto, FEUP
Mussorgsky - Night on Bald Mountain
Mahler - Adagietto
Mahler - Songs of a Wayfarer
C.Frank - Redemption, Symphonic Poem
Luis Rodrigues, Baritone
Nuno Corte-Real, Direction

4th June
Porto, FEUP
Borodin - In the Steppes of Central Asia
Tchaikovsky, Concerto for violin and orchestra
Hugo Wolf-Der Corregidor, prelude and interlude
Aiman Mussakajaieva, violin
José Ferreira Lobo, Direction
15th October
Porto, FEUP

16th October
Lisboa, “Aula Magna”
Academic Year Openning Ceremony
Participated concert by the University’s cultural organisms
5th November
Porto, FEUP

6th Novembro
Lisboa, Aula Magna
Rimsky-Korsakov - Mozart e Salieri, Opera in concert version
Soloists to be announced
Henrique Silveira, Dramaturgy
José Maria Moreno, Direction

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