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Orquestra do Norte

Orquestra do Norte (ON) has executed, since 1992, a project of decentralization of musical culture that has been developed by the Associação Norte Cultural, since the latter has won the first national contest for the creation of region-based orchestras, hosted by the Portuguese Government in that same year.

Under José Ferreira Lobo’s artistic direction, ON initiated a truly unprecedented pioneering endeavor, asserting itself in the erudite music scene to become the recognized institution it is today, both nationally and across borders.

The underlying goals that have always inspired ON’s activity contemplate the creation of new audiences, supporting Portuguese music and musicians and the constant renewal of a carefully selected repertoire susceptible to, on one hand, being relatable by the musically “illiterate” and, on the other, capable of seducing initiates (or potential initiates) to this genre of music. In coherence with these guidelines, ON has performed in the most recondite locations, often outside the comfort of proper concert halls, in churches, outdoors, in miscellaneous rooms of varying conditions, etc., as the only possible means of reaching sectors of our population which, due to marked asymmetry in Portugal’s regional development, have always lived eschewed to cultural opportunities, namely musical ones, otherwise offered within the great centers. Twenty-three years later, this strategic guideline remains fundamental in the institution’s activity.

A definite agent of transformation within Portuguese cultural management and the creator of a new musical paradigm, ON develops an intense activity with regular seasons across the whole country. It has actualized more than 3,000 shows in more than one hundred different venues. It has also performed in Spain, France and Germany.

Conscious of the importance that increasing and diversifying artistic offer in Portugal’s cultural development, ON performs Music History’s greatest works, serving the great orchestral repertoire, from Baroque to Contemporary Music, with a special focus on broadcasting Portuguese Music.

Interpreted Portuguese composers:
Pedro Avondano, Luis de Freitas Branco, João Domingos Bontempo, João Pedro Camacho, Eurico Carrapatoso, João de Sousa Carvalho, Luis Peter Clode, Luis Costa, Manuel Faria, José Firmino, Frederico de Freitas, António Fragoso, Francisco de Lacerda, Fernando Lapa, Fernando Correia de Oliveira, Filipe Pires, Marcos Portugal, Joly Braga Santos, Manuel dos Santos, Carlos Seixas, Henrique Silveira

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