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In the manner it was established and how it has come to fulfil its mission, Orquestra do Norte has, since its foundation, relied upon a group of erudite music devotees that regularly accompanies its activities and the execution of this singular project. Said group endeavors to promote the Orquestra, inciting friends and acquaintances to attend performances and raising, within possibility, the most diverse endorsements in order for the orchestra to progress and widen the scope of its activity. In recent years, informal contracts between this group of people led to the understanding that such efforts should be concerted and formalized; this eventually came to fruition, at the end of 2010, through the creation of the Associação dos Amigos da Orquestra do Norte (AAON) (Orquestra do Norte’s Friends’ Association”). This Association has the statutory goal of “promoting the creation, experimentation, innovation and development of musical culture; promoting music’s knowledge, divulgation and fruition; promote awareness initiatives to garner larger audiences; promote the Portuguese production of Opera and its circulation; promote the preservation, appreciation and divulgation of musical and cultural patrimony through the edition of discographic records and sheet music”.

AAON is now in its fifth year of activity and it becomes already noteworthy to mention, among others, some of the events it has participated in, such as an itinerary of concerts in Porto – Porto’s Customs House, Medical Association, Porto’s Holy House of Mercy’s Casa da Prelada’s gardens, Faculty of Engineering of Porto University – and the creation and production of the programming guidelines for “Opera Nights at the Douro” (2012-2015), “Music in the Way of St. James” (2013-2015), “Music at University” (2014-2015) and, in collaboration with Coliseu do Porto, the “Opera Season in Porto” (since 2011). Equally relevant is AAON’s text and audio record production, of which the CD “From Bellini…to Cole Porter”, the supporting texts for “Opera Nights at the Douro” and “Music in the Way of St. James” programs, and the three first editions of AAON’s magazine “A vez da música” (“Music’s turn”). Lastly, let’s recall the cross between the cultures of music and wine in Quinta da Levandeira do Roncão and the creation of bridges with other forms of expression, such as literature, and some museums.

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